Sermons by Brent Heeke

Brent Heeke is  preaching this  summer for the  Pleasant Grove Church of Christ near Lyons, IN


“Do You Believe?” Understanding the difference between redemption and an individual’s salvation
05/16/2010 “Joseph’s Secrets” How did Joseph overcome? A message given to young people but not just for the young.
05/30/2010 “How To Avoid Being Judged”
05/23/2010 “Suffering” Some basic thoughts concerning suffering
07/04/2010 “Have You Repented?”
06/06/2010 “Life Purpose” (Part 2) The joy of discovering your “calling” in life.
11/09/2009 “Why Don’t We Pray?” First Sermon at Sellersburg
Personal Testimony
04/11/2010 “What To Do When Things Seem Impossible.”
04/11/2010 “Crying Out” (Part 2)
08/22/2010 “Everything Is Possible For Him Who Believes” A message for those who are hurting.
06/27/2010 “This One Thing Will Change Your Life”
01/10/2010 “How To Learn Of Jesus” The simplicity of really coming to Jesus, trusting in Jesus, and learning of Jesus.
08/01/2010 “Follow Me And I Will Make You Fishers of Men!”
09/05/2010 “Are We Saved By Faith Plus Works?” Exploring the meaning of the word justified and the nature of genuine faith.

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